Are you tired of going through the yellow pages never-ending listings of roofing & siding companies, and not being able to make the decision of who to call? Look no further because Roofing & Siding Contractor is the number one roof replacement contractor in Houston, TX and all surrounding areas. Since 1999, we have been making our community’s homes safer by providing our excellent roof repair services.

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Taking care of your roof is important, since it protects the whole house. It will also save you, the homeowner, more money in the long run. Because wet spots don’t become visible right away, leaking roofs can be a great problem for residents. We specialize in roof replacement services, so if it’s time for a roofing project, give us a call.

As one of the top residential siding contractors in the area, we think it is of great importance that our customers’ homes are dry, safe, and comfortable. Even though repairing of siding is not that complicated it should still be regularly maintained and treated every five to ten years.

Roofing & Siding Contractor is a fully licensed residential roofing contractor, that provides on-site evaluations and guaranteed solutions that are specific to your needs. We offer a wide range of roofing and siding services including stone, shingle or cool roofs, and always point out problems that are present, or ones that might affect you in the future.

Exterior of house in suburbsOne common material used for roofs is stone tiles. They are mostly made of slate or clay. Plastic and concrete tiles are also made, and may vary in shape and color. Tiles are hung in parallel rows from nails on the framework, with each row overlapping the row below to cover up the nails, and protect the house from rain water.

Roof shingles are another common material used for roofing. They may be rectangular in shape, and can be made from wood, asbestos-cement, or asphalt-soaked paper. They are flat, overlapping elements that are laid in rows from bottom to top. Asphalt-soaked and wood shingles have become less common because of the risk of fire.

You may want to think about a reflecting surface when doing a roof repair. The most common type is called a “cool” roof. “White roofs” is another name for them, although they come in different colors and materials. These type of roofs can be used in commercial, as well as in residential roofing. Cool roofs are able to reflect ultraviolet, visible, and infrared sun waves, helping to reduce the transfer of heat to the surface.

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Superior work on our new roof!

I'm very satisfied with your service. The team was prompt and do an astonishing job. After the project was finished, they even clean up the entire work area! I definitely recommend this company to my friends and family!

Every twenty or so years, it becomes time for a roof to be replaced. Every homeowner should know that roofs are not everlasting. They get damaged and need to be repaired just like everything else. If you plan to stay at a residence for the long term, Roofing & Siding Contractor’s team can provide the service you need to keep the comfort inside of your home. If you need a full roof replacement, new commercial or residential roofing installations service, or you think it’s time to upgrade your siding to something better looking and new, don’t think twice about calling our roof replacement contractor to schedule an appointment with us.

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